Become your own inspiration



Like stars in the sky, each and every woman is unique, special and beautiful in her own way, with multiple facets and faces to share with the world. You have the ability to be yourself, change and adapt, but still, you manage to be amazing every moment and everywhere.

Our philosophy

Florez believes you deserve to feel beautiful, you don’t have to be a rockstar, celebrity or diva, you are already the best; you only need the perfect accesories. That’s why we design and create timeless pieces that become part of your life and your style, we do all this, because we want you to become your own inspiration.

What makes us different


Our products are timeless, versatile and can be used across seasons and for every ocassion


All products are made with high quality genuine leather, stones and details with a focus on sustainability.


Our products are handcrafted with design in mind by experienced and talented artisans.

Our Story

After a long discovery process of several years, Florez was founded by Florencia Mesch, who in 2014 ventured into the world of fashion and leather goods in Argentina, a place with an ancestral tradition in leather working that spans generations and that is recognized worldwide. Florez is a brand focused on the quality of its materials, versatility and design. Since our beginnings, we have sought to share with the world the talent of artisans who with great work and dedication make pieces to treasure for a lifetime.

Our products are made in a traditional way, using methods that have been preserved from generation to generation by craftsmen from Argentina and Latin America. We know that with each new adventure comes a new responsibility, that is why we use genuine leather of the highest quality produced in a sustainable way with the environment and with a process free of any animal violence.

Made in Latin America for the World, but above all, made specially for you.

Our Purpose

To inspire millions of women to feel unique and special through our products. We believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful.